Language passport for all of Europe

How well do you speak in your foreign languages? Maybe you have ever earned a 7 for German, or an 8 for English. But can you really apply that language in practical situations? Speaking foreign languages is becoming more and more important in your career, and there is a good chance that a future employer or education wants to get a good idea of your language skills. The European Reference Framework has been developed for this. It gives a nuanced picture of your language level, within a structure that is understood throughout Europe.

Skill levels

In the European Language Portfolio, five language skills are distinguished (according to the European Reference Framework ECA): listening, reading, writing, speaking and conversations. Each skill is described on three mastery levels: beginner (A), independent (B) and skilled (C); each level is divided into low (1) and high (2). At A1 you do not master the skill at all; C2 can only be reached after a few years of living in a country where the language is spoken, or after a university education.

Learning objectives

While learning a language, the division into skill levels helps you determine your learning goals. What do you actually want to be able to do with a language? And which skill level should you develop? From a European perspective, this approach in levels makes it possible to quickly estimate which level of a foreign language a person has mastered in situations that are important within a certain context. This can be useful for application procedures or international training.

Language portfolio and Language passport is a web-based career portfolio that includes the European Language Portfolio ETP. At Owik you can have your achieved level recorded in a language passport that you can print or e-mail. With the help of the candos and the practical examples you can estimate your own level. If necessary, your teacher can direct your language development by preparing learning activities, tracking your progress and providing interactive feedback.

Individual user registration

You can make unlimited use of the functions of the European Language Portfolio and all other functions of (8.99 euro).

Registration for schools and institutions

All functions of the ETP, incl. 360 degrees feedback within the CEFR, with extensive directing functions for the teacher. The EIO portfolio for all levels of control has also been added for TTO schools.