Lifelong Portfolio

Welcome at your professional Portfolio! is both online learning platform and social network site. Capture your experiences, present yourself and your strong points and expand your professional network.


Capture, publish & share.

Use to present yourself professionally. Introduce yourself with a biography, create a visual resume, or make online presentations. To give direction to your career, to apply to your dream job, to inspire others, or as a tool at the intake for a new job or education.

Take control

Determine your own learning process and who you involve

Every experience counts. That is why with Owik you can continue with your career at any time, whatever school or class you are currently enrolled in. Of course you decide for yourself who you involve: your fellow students, your teachers, internship supervisors or other professionals. If you give your school access to Owik, your teachers will be able to follow your development and support you whenever necessary. Also the school's learning objectives can be activated for you, so that you know better what you need to work on.

Manage your workload

Targeted and planned learning

Link your activities to learning objectives and plan them. Starting dates, deadlines, step-by-step plans: everything is clearly displayed in your activity planner. Choose a list view or a time view for a good understanding of your workload. And of course you can export your schedule to your Outlook, Google or Apple agenda.

Measuring is knowing

Analyze your development and determine your next steps

You have al lot on your plate while following a course. You producte a lot of material and collect a lot of feedback. By looking at all that data you can determine which targeted actions are needed to raise your level. So you can spend your time as efficiently as possible.

Questions allowed

Learn more efficiently using your network

Collect feedback on your projects from teachers, fellow students, internship supervisors and external professionals. Analyze the feedback with Owik's Learning Analytics and find out which objectives you still need to work on.

Owik in the cloud

Everything at hand. Always. Everywhere.

Owik is available wherever there is internet. Everything you do is immediately stored online so that you cannot lose any data. Projects, files, notes and feedback, activity plans, agenda and analytics: you always have everything at hand.

Privacy and data protection

Safe, open and honest is not for free, you pay an annual fee. But that means you will not be bothered with advertisements and we will never ever make your data available to others. We are different from most other platforms in these matters. We do promise that we will do our utmost to make Owik the best possible, so that you can continue to shape your professional career in a way that suits you.

Create your account

You can create an independent account. If your school participates, you can link your account to your school study program. When you quit your schoolk, you can continue to use your account.